Doing whatever it takes to deliver your message.‎

Delivery is a key element in getting your message to your audience. Your well-conceived and skillfully produced direct mail piece or tailored communications booklet is only as good as the process that gets it into your prospect’s hands cost effectively and on time.

 We work closely with the U.S. Postal Service to stay up to date on the voluminous and nearly constantly changing mail automation regulations to make sure your valuable message reaches your audience as intended and at the least cost to you. Our experienced mailing staff never stop thinking of innovative new designs and mailer formats to help your direct mail pieces cut through the clutter to capture your prospects’ attention.

 Here is a brief listing of our many mailing services:

•  Data Services (verification, NCOA processing)

•  List Maintenance (cleansing, de-duping, merge/purge, coding, etc.) 

•  Letter Production (generic and variable data)

•  USPS-certified Full-Service Intelligent Mail® Program Barcoding

•  Folding

•  Inserting

•  Metering & Sealing

•  Labeling

•  Ink Jetting

•  Matching

•  Collating

•  Tabbing

•  Hand Work